Kinetic-duet (crazy_onna) wrote,

story writing - advice

I don't know why it's taken me this long to figure it out.

Well, I was in class sketching out 100 quick cabinets designs to 'loosen up' and get the creative juices flowing, when the teacher tells us not to censor ourselves and to literally draw whatever pops into our brain no matter how silly it is. Yeah, yeah, heard this before.

I forget the actual circumstances but anyway, someone(teach or whatever) also tells us not to edit our ideas as we're drawing them and compares it to writing a story. You don't write the story and edit it at the same time. If you do, you limit yourself until you're stuck with no ideas 'cause you're too concerned with the story being perfect or good enough.

Write the story, don't edit as you're writing.

I've wondered why I couldn't finish a multi-chapter story. It's because as soon as I'd be done one chapter, I'd edit and then post it up on FFN, soak up the praise and then get stuck trying to write the next chapter to be as good or better than the last one.

The reason my last one got as far as it did was because I would write one and a half chapters before editing the chapter itself. That way I would have part of an unedited chapter to work with. I got stuck when I tried to start a new chapter cold turkey. Or whatever.

But ya know, that would explain why one of my stories that I used to write in high school quickly became a 10K monster. Still unfinished mind you... For the same reason as all the others failed. Oopsies.

Now that I know this, I want to try again.
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