Kinetic-duet (crazy_onna) wrote,

Error at Gardmore Abbey

I'm into D&D.
I like 4th edition.

I ordered an adventure through Chapters. When it arrived, there was a serious error in book one. Pages 1-8 were repeated and pages 9-24 didn't exist. I phoned Chapters about it and they sent a replacment...which contained the same error! So, calling them up again, they said that all their remaining copies are extremely likely to have the same problem and that the best they can do is refund me. I sent an e-mail to Wizards about since I don't know what else I can do...

Any advice?

EDIT: Wizards replied and said they'd send out a replacement. I took the misprints back to Chapters, got a refund and waited. Got the replacement in the mail yesterday. They sent me an error free copy of the booklets. Yay!
Tags: d&d, error, gardmore abbey
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