Error at Gardmore Abbey

I'm into D&D.
I like 4th edition.

I ordered an adventure through Chapters. When it arrived, there was a serious error in book one. Pages 1-8 were repeated and pages 9-24 didn't exist. I phoned Chapters about it and they sent a replacment...which contained the same error! So, calling them up again, they said that all their remaining copies are extremely likely to have the same problem and that the best they can do is refund me. I sent an e-mail to Wizards about since I don't know what else I can do...

Any advice?

EDIT: Wizards replied and said they'd send out a replacement. I took the misprints back to Chapters, got a refund and waited. Got the replacement in the mail yesterday. They sent me an error free copy of the booklets. Yay!


The house just shook for a couple of seconds. Nothing got knocked over or broken. Ontario's pretty low on the seismic activity scale. Sometimes ya feel them or see stuff wobble a tiny bit. This was the biggest one I ever experienced.

I grabbed my cat and headed downstairs but she didn't get what the fuss was and left me only to return to her sleeping place on my bed. Yeah. Ungrateful.

I'm trying to find info on what happened to see if it was part of a bigger earthquake down south (yes, I've convinced myself that it's an earthquake). And I wonder if anyone else felt it.

Edit: Found an article about it.


If you get a gift for a friend and they never thank-you, or mention it; what's that say about them?

If you wait to meet someone and they never show even though you've got this project you're supposed to be doing with them. What does that say about them!

I hate you all!
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All is not lost

Ok, so it's probably because I had a fairly good grasp of Object Direct and Object Indirect from last year but today felt like the first time I wasn't floundering in a sea of confusion! I'm so proud and I think it's because I've been talking to myself an extra whole lot. In French.

I felt like telling my teacher that but realized he didn't particularly care and it was just an excuse to talk about my feelings aloud.

Je dois me parler plus souvent!
(What I think I said: I must talk to myself more often)
If I'm wrong, please correct me.

PS -I even got to read outloud in class. And that never happens. Him actually letting us read the text(of some mini-story that'll be on some dictée quiz). I hate dictées.
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And outside the snow's already deep with thick flakes falling. Started last night as fine snow. I was supposed to help my friend clean her new place but it'll most likely be put off until tomorrow(since it's supposed to have past us by then).